Learning To Trust

Years ago, I was hanging out with my co-workers, and enjoying the basic conversation most of us have on Monday mornings: “So, what did you do over the weekend?”

My friends couldn’t contain themselves, “WE WENT SKYDIVING!!!” they shouted!  Their excitement hit like a tidal wave as they clamored for the videotape of their dive (yes, I said tape….).  “Sit down and watch this!  You gotta see this!!” my friends gushed.

So there I sat, watching this video of people falling out of an airplane at God only knows how high- and then it started:  My palms were soaked with sweat within seconds.  My breath was short.  I was scared to death.  And it wasn’t even me jumping out of that airplane!!

It’s true- I’ve had an extreme fear of heights for as long as I can remember.

Where Angles Come To Land

However, something interesting happened just the other weekend when my wife and I were in Zion National Park.

There’s an amazing hike there called Angels Landing,  but everyone I spoke to said it was the last place you wanted to go if you have a fear of heights.  They even shared with me that at least one person dies on this hike every year.  Gee, thanks!!

In an effort to get my confidence up, I dove into some internet research.  Bad idea!  One of the videos I came across on YouTube just about threw me into a tailspin, resulting in the same reaction I had years ago while watching my friends skydiving.

I was sick to my stomach just watching the video.

I truly didn’t know if I could get to the top of this hike.  I was having serious doubts and was afraid I would get to a certain height and then just freeze!

The Power of Prayer

However, God had other plans.  Through prayer, meditation, and positive self-talk, I began to remind myself that I have tremendous balance and agility.  It’s true- I can walk along street curbs like a cat, and rarely fall off.  My legs are strong and have good endurance.  So, I wasn’t battling a physical deficiency- I was battling a trust issue.

Let me clarify.  My self-talk went something like this:  “Hold on here; I’m fit, I have good endurance, and I have good balance.  I have no doubt in my feet down here in the parking lot, so why should I doubt my feet up there on the mountain?  They’re the same feet!!  I can trust my feet!!!”

And that became my meditation and mantra for the ascent: 

“I can trust my feet….I can trust my feet.”

Three hours later, we made it to the top!!  What an awesome experience and what a blessing- I took each step with confidence and without fear.  I shattered through my fear of heights!

Stretch Grow Become

We all have random doubts from time to time- that’s normal.  But what we do with those thoughts and fears is a matter of conscious choice.  Are we buying into our perceived inadequacies, or are we trusting in the strengths and gifts we know we possess?

Moreover, are we trusting in the God that gave us those strengths and gifts?

When I get in these uncertain spaces, I practice an exercise I call “Knowings Over Feelings”, meaning that when I center myself and get clear, I place my permanent “knowings” over my temporary feelings.  Does that make sense?

How about you?  Is there an area of your life that you’d like to have more trust and confidence?  Let’s hear about it!  The tribe awaits….

Change isn’t easy.  If it was, everyone would be living the dream.  Having a coach who takes people from where they are to where they want to be makes all the difference.  Call me today to learn more.

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