Nice Catch! How To Have Peace When Plans Change.

Football is one of my favorite sports.  There’s an intoxicating excitement when the quarterback takes the snap, steps back into the pocket, spots a receiver, and then launches the ball with laser precision.

But the moment the ball leaves the quarterbacks hand, his job is done.  Now it’s up to the receiver to complete the transaction- to make the catch.

Let’s take a look at just a few things a receiver has to do to pull this off:

Number One- Position himself.  He has to be on the field in just the right spot- he may have to run, jump, or dive to catch that ball.  It’s going to take effort!

Number Two- Contend with defenders.  The opposing team- the enemy- doesn’t want him to make that catch!  They’re going to do everything in their power to prevent that catch.

Number Three- and if all this goes well, not drop the ball.  Nobody likes it when they drop the ball.

And when this glorious chain of events takes place, fans explode, jump out of their seats and shout “WHAT A CATCH!!!”

And to be sure, when he gets back in the huddle, his teammates encourage him with the affirming words of

“Nice Catch.  Seriously- Nice Catch”.

And whereas we all might not be professional athletes, I’m going to share how we make catches everyday that should be celebrated no less.

They are what I call “spiritual catches”, and they look something like this…..

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and you’ve got big plans to be productive.  Yeah, you’re going to turn this day into a winner!  You’re all set to go to the gym.

You can feel the excitement build as you anticipate the endorphins from the workout, but also the sense of accomplishment because you actually went, unlike through the week when you were too busy.

You check your belongings and head for the door, “yep, I’m good to go”, you say to yourself.

And as you shut the door to your house behind you, you get this eerie feeling.

“Ummmm, where are my keys?”

You check your pockets repeatedly to no avail.  You don’t have them- they’re on the other side of that locked door.  Mild panic sets in.

“No problem, you say to yourself, I’ll just call my wife, and she can come let me in”.  “I’ll be back on schedule in no time”.

She doesn’t answer her phone.  You try again.  Still, no answer.

Now you’re upset.  “OK, this stinks, I had plans to workout, and now I can’t even get a hold of my wife to let me in”  ARRGGGHH!

And then here it comes, all of a sudden you feel a shift.  You’re starting to observe your own thinking, and therefore taking control of it.  You’re about to make a choice.

Are you a victim?  Have you really been robbed of something?  If so, what have you really lost?


Are you going to accept this for what it is…….wait for it……

A change of plans.

Think about that for a moment.  What if all inconveniences, disruptions, and circumstances were just the universe changing our plans.

And what if, and please hear me on this, these new and changed plans were much better than the plans they replaced?

Moreover, what’s the alternative?  Walk around all the time with a scowl on your face because life isn’t going as planned?

Good luck with that!

Stretch, Grow, Become!

When we observe our own thoughts and feelings, and make a conscious choice to let go and surrender to what is, we are performing “The Catch”.

We’ve caught ourselves!

We’ve stopped, resisted the regression into our lower-selves, and thus stayed in higher functioning.  That’s “The Catch”

But just like the football example, we have an opposing team that doesn’t want us making this catch either.

Anytime you catch yourself, and stay in integrity to reality, be sure to congratulate yourself.  Say it with love, “Nice Catch”.

Change isn’t easy.  If it was, everyone would be living the dream.  Having a coach who takes people from where they are to where they want to be makes all the difference.  Call me today to learn more.

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