Dating is a real trip, isn’t it? We meet someone, feel an attraction, develop a connection, (OK, take a deep breath) establish a commitment and then who knows, if things go well enough for long enough, perhaps we start talking about marriage. Whew! That wore me out just talking about it! But marriage is a big deal. I mean, we’re talking about spending the rest of our lives with this person. And whereas there is no such thing as a perfect relationship (seriously, there isn’t- stop looking) we need to be conscious of the raw materials that are critically necessary for a healthy marriage.
Quite frequently, in the rush of new romance, it’s common to gleefully skip some sobering questions that could prevent serious future heartache.
Courtship is wonderful process, and for those who make it through the beginning stages, there often comes discussions about an enduring life together. That said, there are a lot of committed couples out there who are considering marriage. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, a couple has gotten within weeks or days of the wedding and then called it off.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Set yourself up for success by enrolling in my structured Pre-Engagement Coaching Program. In this customized program, we’ll examine a variety of subjects including…
  • True compatibility
  • Temperament
  • Personality
  • Expectations
  • Marital Success Factors
  • Blueprints from our family of origin
We’ll take all these exercises and conversations and tie them together. From there, you’ll both be able to make a clear and sound decision as to whether you make the type of team that can go the distance (or what it would take to become that team). Some of you may be thinking….”this guy’s gonna try to talk us out of getting married!!” Rarely is that ever the case. On an extremely rare occasion, we might uncover an absolute deal-breaker and that couple may have some tough decisions to make.
But that’s a good thing! Again, much better to find out now than after you’re married!
Please read that again- it's an important point. More often, we discover very slight incompatibilities and differences that simply need acknowledgement, awareness, and adjustments. When challenging conversations like this take place, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. Nothing the two of you can’t handle! If all this sounds a little scary, relax-it isn’t.

My coaching style is relaxed, comfortable, and oftentimes quite humorous.

I think you’ll be surprised how enlightening and entertaining our sessions will be! Helping people realize the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted is my mission and passion, and being a Certified Marriage Mentor along with my specialized training in Divorce Prevention and Recovery, I have a sound concept of what makes a great marriage and how to hold that together.
And lastly, I’m excited for you!!  Finding someone that you would consider marrying is a dream come true!
I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and facilitate even deeper growth for a lifetime of rewarding marriage together. Call me today to get started on an amazing journey of relationship discovery!

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