It’s interesting how we take care of things that are important to us.  We take our cars in for regularly scheduled maintenance, visit the dentist twice a year, and we love our home improvements! However, left unattended, our most important relationship can deteriorate over time. We find ourselves settling into a rut (ahem, I meant routine) and can unwittingly take our significant other for granted. Regardless of how well things are currently going, I believe all relationships can benefit tremendously from quality Relationship Coaching. Sometimes the simple act of having someone there to facilitate challenging conversations can spur growth that might never have happened on its own—and what a gift that is.

Why Would We Need Relationship Coaching?

With the divorce rate around 52-55% for first marriages and almost 75% for second marriages, having a skilled professional in your corner is one of the greatest gifts you can give your relationship. Quite often, relationships can get routine, stale, and stuck—and that’s too bad, because it doesn’t have to be that way. My relationship coaching helps couples achieve higher levels of communication, love, respect, and safety.
"I believe it’s in our nature to take something and make it better, to keep growing and improving"
And the same holds true for our relationships. However, people are often “too close” to their own situations, or lack the necessary skills to propel the relationship further along. What do I mean by too close? “Too close” in this sense simply means that we can benefit from someone who can establish an “outside looking in” perspective. And as a Relationship Expert & Certified Marriage Mentor, I do just that. I have an intuitive ability to ask key questions and flush out roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving what you both really want—lasting love.  

How Does Your Relationship Coaching Program Work?

Relationship Coaching is a very organic and somewhat spontaneous process. Whereas I do have a successful framework that I base our sessions around, there is plenty of room to allow things to “just happen”.
"And that’s the fun part- allowing space for magic to happen in our sessions"
We’re going to explore key fundamentals that help create an enduring, expanding, and fulfilling relationship. In addition, we’ll look at a variety of topics such as miscommunications, misunderstandings, expectations, and unmet needs.

Is Relationship Coaching For Us?

Relationship Coaching is quite simply for anyone who wants to strengthen, expand, and deepen their relationship. Truth is, great relationships that stand the test of time don’t “just happen”- they take work- and quality coaching can make all the difference. And the vast majority of couples I work with simply need a tune-up and some suggestions and resources to improve their relationship. Remember, it’s not therapy- it’s coaching.
By definition, coaching simply helps you become better at whatever it is you want to work on- and that’s not only fun, it’s exciting!

What Results Can We Expect by Enrolling in Your Relationship Coaching Program?

The couples I have had the honor of working with quickly report greater levels of authentic communication, more graceful conflict resolution, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their partner. Make no mistake—it’s a journey, and my job is to assist you in gaining deeper awareness, and then provide practical steps to make that vision a reality. If you’re in a relationship and want to help it grow and become all that it can be, call me today and get started on an amazing journey of relationship discovery. Inquire today about a free consultation.