So, What’s the Best Part About Being Single??

The best part about being single is...

Wait for it...

NOT being in a bad relationship! Ring any bells for you? Seriously, I would rather be single any day than stuck in a bad relationship.

But the sad fact of the matter is:

there are a lot of people in the dating pool that have no business being there. They’re not ready. They’re not equipped. Plain and simple. Who knows? Maybe you’re one of them. But don't worry—we’ll work on that. And hey, if you are ready to hit the dating pool again, we’ll work on—among other things—how to discern what’s a good deal for you—and what clearly isn’t so that you don't end up repeating old patterns.

How Can I Help You Find the Love of your Life?

I've had the privilege of coaching many single men and women through the jungle we call singlehood, and the results have been nothing short of monumental. These people, with my coaching and their hard work, are enjoying the lives and relationships they’ve always wanted.

Let me Show you What Successful Singlehood™ is all About!

In my unique Singles Coaching Curriculum, we’ll take a journey into singlehood and examine it from the inside out. As a direct result, you’ll gain a keen awareness of who you are, what you want, and what you need. You see, to become good at being in a relationship you have to first become good at being single. Please read that again….it’s important.

Being single isn’t a bad thing!

Trust me—there can be amazing blessings by embracing this period in your life. Don’t run from it. Of course you want a great relationship, and I get that. But it has been my experience that when you take time out and do the work on yourself, and become who you were always meant to be, the opposite sex will find that very, very attractive. As much as we might deeply desire a loving relationship, I would encourage you to truly embrace this season in your life—and that's what my Singles Coaching Program is all about. The fact is, being single and free contains a tremendous opportunity for growth! If you are single, and experiencing confusion and bewilderment about the dating scene, call me today to learn more about the results we can achieve through my Singles Coaching Program.

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