The Sanctity of Singlehood

A few weeks ago, I was invited to do a presentation for the singles ministry at the Rock Church here in San Diego.  It was a luxury that I was given almost 5 weeks to prepare for the event.  And I gotta tell you, my mind really had fun thinking of all the things I could share with this awesome group of people.  But what really kept coming up was the contrast between how the “world” views singleness versus how God sees it.

You see, our society views singleness as something to be “cured”.  I mean, really, who would choose to be single.  Single people need to be fixed, as in fixed up with someone, society tells us.  And we’ve all been there- we find ourselves newly single, and seemingly out of the woodwork, our well-intentioned friends, co-workers, and family want to set us up with someone.

In an effort to help, they end up offering the temptation to get into a rebound relationship.  And if you’ve ever been involved in a rebound (whether you were the rebounder or the reboundee) you know that’s a bad deal all the way around!

In stark contrast, God wants us to embrace our singlehood because there is tremendous opportunity for transformational growth.  I called my presentation “The Sanctity of Singlehood” for a specific reason- the power of the word sanctity.  Websters Dictionary defines sanctity as “Holy- or Sacred”.

Think about that for a moment- God thinks singleness is Holy and Sacred!

Another source went on to say that sanctity means “of ultimate importance.”  Please let those words sink deep into your soul-



of Ultimate Importance

Friends, if you’re single, God bless you!  Take comfort in knowing that God desires a deep, loving, and personal relationship with you.  He also wants to take you places you’ve never imagined.  Perhaps your future does include an amazing marriage, but I can assure you that an abiding relationship with God will be a pre-requisite.

Rest in the reality that you are single and that’s more than just OK.  It’s a blessing!  And you’ll be blessed all the more when you wrap your arms around that reality.

Wear your “I’m Single!” hat with pride!!

Be mindful that we live in a “culture of couples” and that our media plays on the fantasy image of the perfect couple.  It’s critical to see these efforts for what they really are- an invested desire for you to buy (or buy into) something.  It’s especially unrelenting during the holidays when it seems like one jewelry commercial after another.  Ugghh, do we really have to watch another couple get engaged.  Oh great, another one!

Stretch, Grow, Become!

Loving yourself as a single person begins with a winning attitude.  Determine from this point forward that you’ll be a beacon of gratitude about being single.  Ironically, gratitude is a powerfully attractive emotion and has the potential to bring you the quality of person you’ve always wanted.

Be sure of this: if you’re sullen and sorry about your state of singleness, odds are quite high that you’ll attract someone of the same spiritual frequency.  Like attracts like, so how could the results be any different.  Please be conscious of that.  Also, be sure to check out my article on True Beauty.

I’ve said it many times, I’d much rather be single and growing, than in some funky relationship and feeling stuck!  Can ya dig it?

Change isn’t easy.  If it was, everyone would be living the dream.  Having a coach who takes people from where they are to where they want to be makes all the difference.  Call me today to learn more.

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